Move Out Cleaning

Relocation calls for fun, but we cannot overlook the fact that it can get stressful. There is so much to do from packing to decorating your new home, and one of the most significant events is to clear your house that needs to go up on sale. Maid in Your Home move out cleaning services can make your property look new and bring you better deals. We are located in Yorkville Ave, Toronto, and aim to make your moving experience as comfortable as possible. We offer a complete house cleaning service that pays attention to even the minutest of details.

Whether you need your entire house clean or just specific areas, our qualified housekeepers are happy to assist. Only pre-book move out cleaning with our friendly team and us will get back to you soon.


Let Maid in Your Home Be You’re Helping Hand

Together, we can do it. You can pack your essentials while we perform thorough cleaning before you head out. One will leave with peace of mind, and the other will set their foot on a neat and clean house. Remember, Main in Your Home is fully flexible when it comes to comprehensive cleaning of your property. We will take out the possibility for you even if you hire us at the last minute. Our cleaning pros focus on de-cluttering your home or apartment at the time that suits you.


Standard Move-out Cleaning Checklist

Some projects require a ‘broom-clean’ while others need a deep clean to make their property look fresh. We got you the detailed move-out cleaning checklist that ranges from stoves to baseboards.

  • Brush and mop all floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wipe bases down
  • Sink, shower and bathtub scrub
  • Clean kitchen equipment
  • Dust everything off

Maid in Your Home can include more items on demand. We will ensure that we clean every nook and cranny within your home, thereby keeping eyes all over the house.


Hire Us Today!

We are wedded to the idea that cleanliness creates positive vibes in your home. Our move out cleaning services work around the clock to improve your house condition and make it look at its best. You can now get your house cleaned for a reasonable price and premium quality. Our cost also depends on the size of a project and the condition it is in. Have questions? Call us at (888) 301-MAID (6243) to discuss further your move-out Cleaning

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